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June 3, 2003
Some Aspects of the Legal Regulation of the Refined Products Market
Since July 1, 2003, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan N 492-II of April 7, 2003 "On state regulation of production and turnover of certain kinds of refined products" will come into effect. But already now its possible to predict that prior to its introduction and after it, many changes and amendments will be introduced in it. Most likely that these changes will concern the powers and hierarchy of the state management bodies, which are involved in the state regulation of the market of production and turnover of refined products. The total number of the state bodies regulating the market of refined products in Kazakhstan comprises seven, a number rather honored in the East. However, close analysis of the law provisions recollects in memory a well-known saying «Too many cooks spoil the broth». more »

April 2, 2002
An Assumed Impact on the Image of
By Resolution N 1322 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of October 15, draft Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «On investments» was submitted to the lower chamber of Parliament, the Mazhilis, for consideration, by which it is planned to replace the current Laws N 266 "On foreign investments" of December 27, 1994 and N 75–1 "On state support of direct investments" of February 28, 1997. The history of the new bill abounds with many ambiguities and mystery. more »

November 5, 2001
Will the New Fields Appear in?
A new Model Contract, adopted this summer, has not relieved all problems existing in relationships between investors and the state. One of them, yet not secondary is the right of ownership to geological information produced by a subsoil user. more »

September 4, 2001

more »

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